Radio Jarocho & Zenen Zeferino

Radio Jarocho plays the rowdy, upbeat, and at times melancholic music of the countryside of Veracruz, Mexico, and has been mixing it with the sounds of New York’s urban life for over ten years. Having recently joined forces with son jarocho legend Zenen Zeferino, they deliver performances that are passionate, energetic, and true to the roots of the genre. Radio Jarocho & Zenen Zeferino have played concerts at festivals and venues in the east coast, including Kennedy Center, Brooklyn Bowl, Joe’s Pub, La Casita at Lincoln Center, Le Poisson Rouge, Celebrate Mexico Now! and Celebrate Brooklyn. They are gearing up to release “Rios de Norte y Sur”, their first studio production together. With this album, Radio Jarocho & Zenen Zeferino celebrate the music that unites Veracruz and New York, Mexico and the United States through original songs and new arrangements for old jarocho tunes, offering a modern take on a traditional genre by fusing it with sounds that have become part of New York City’s musical fabric — flamenco, cumbia, rock, baroque, and jazz. “Rios de Norte y Sur” will be available in May 2018.

Recorded and mixed by Alex Venguer and mastered by Oscar Zambrano, with cover art by Víctor Zuñiga, “Ríos de Norte y Sur” features tracks that in ways speak to our experience as immigrants in the US and to the nostalgia and love we have for our roots and origins. We speak about the bodies of water that unite New York and Veracruz, and that know no borders, walls or frontiers.

What people are saying about Radio Jarocho & Zenen Zeferino and about “Rios de Norte y Sur”:

  • “I love Radio Jarocho & Zenen Zeferino because they play music that makes your skeleton shake and your heart sing” – Nick Panken, Spirit Family Reunion.

  • “Radio Jarocho & Zenen Zeferino are some of my favorite performers, period.  They have played many times at the festival and I would recommend their music to anyone and everyone.”
    – Eli Smith, Producer – Brooklyn Folk Festival

  • “Radio Jarocho light up the room. They draw from the past but it’s all about this moment, this party, this heart swelling with joy and energy.”
    – Ruth Ungar, The Mammals

  • “For their new album, Radio Jarocho & Zenen Zeferino have selected iconic tunes from the son jarocho tradition, adding original lyrics by Zenen and new arrangements by the band. Conga de San Benito and Chiles Verdes reflect the day-to-day interaction of the group between Mexico and New York, preserving tradition and offering audiences this marvelous music that flows, just like the rivers of north and south.”
    – Claudia Norman, Producer – Celebrate Mexico Now Festival

  • “The band’s beautiful execution of the classics, new compositions faithful to the genre and gentle pushing of son jarocho’s musical envelope refresh the music for these times.” – Catalina Maria Johnson, NPR Music.